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Making a Border

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Making a Border

Post by Danny on Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:20 pm

by Kathyfrances
Making A Border - Mini-Tut

First, choose the code for the border you want to create. I picked a simple one, with glitter/background/glitter. This is what it looks like when published (posted):


But THIS is what it looks like when you are making your post, before you click "Send":

I added the colors so you can see where the code has to be changed in order for you to make it your own (your choice of a background & glitters).

The YELLOW sections are the glitter. They do not have quote marks around them. All you do is replace the address for the glitter and you make it whatever color you want. I suggest in your practice thread you upload the glitter you want to use and then right click and copy the image address. It is that easy!

The PINK area is where you replace the background. You can use any design swatch, paper, etc. Simply replace the old address for the new one. Be sure to paste between the "quote" marks!
OK, I am going to replace the glitter and background tile with these:
Remember, to get the image address, right click on the image and then copy image address.

This is what your code will look like:
(I highlighted the sections of code I changed. You may notice the http address for the glitter ends with .gif, while the htp address for the background ends in .jpg and is enclosed with quote marks.)

And this is what that code looks like when published (posted):


NOTE: If you want the code and it isn't displayed in a code box so you can copy and paste it, the other way to get the code is to EDIT the post where the border is displayed and copy the raw code yourself. To do this you would need moderator tools for the board which you can easily get by PMing Kathyfrances and requesting.[/size]


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